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Developing the Craft of Discipleship


The Greek word for “disciple” means “learner.” But, what kind of learning is involved in being a disciple of Jesus? Is it the kind of learning whose focus is knowing about a subject (for example, math or world history) and ends up with a clear understanding of ideas (and maybe class notes and academic degrees)? Or is it the kind of learning whose focus is on knowing how to do something (for example, cooking, painting, throwing a baseball, etc.) and ends up with a set of skills?

A Letter about Women's Ordination & Conclave from Bishop Jim Hobby


Dear People of God,

Thank you for your prayers for the bishops of the Anglican Church in North America as we met in conclave last week to discuss the ordination of women in light of the report of the Task Force on Holy Orders. I believe that the Lord heard your prayers and allowed us to find a way forward together as a province.

Local Pastor Leads 200 at Provincial Youth Assembly

Provincial Youth Gathering

By The Rev. Tracey Russell
Youth Pastor, Christ Church Fox Chapel

200 youth and youth workers attended the Provincial Assembly in Chicago this July, to participate in PYG, the Provincial Youth Gathering. Being at PYG meant frisbee on the lawn, snorting stuffed pigs flying around, midnight pizza, and games played in the dark on the Wheaton campus- this was a youth gathering, after all! But PYG also had profound times of musical worship, teens lining up to get prayed for, testimonies of God’s healing, and 30 kids raising their hands to accept Jesus.