Leadership Bodies

Leadership Bodies

Standing Committee

Purpose: The standing committee serves as the council of advice to the Bishop, and in the absence of the bishop holds The Ecclesiastical Authority of the diocese. The Standing Committee shall fill all vacancies that may occur during the recess of the Convention. (Diocesan Constitution: Article IX, Sects. 1, 5, 6)

Name Yr. Term Ends
The Rev. Elaine Storm, President 2022
Mr. Kirk Botula, Secretary 2022
The Rev. Cn. Dr. Andrea Millard 2023
Mrs. Monique Magness 2023
The Rev. Capt. Herb Bailey 2024
Mr. Wicks Stephens II 2024
The Rev. Andrew DeFusco 2025
Ms. Mary Martha Truschel 2025

Board of Trustees

Purpose: The powers and duties of said Board so incorporated shall be to collect, receive, hold, manage, and properly dispose of all property that is conveyed or transferred to the Diocese, for its benefit or the benefit of any of its Congregations, bodies, or associations. (Diocesan Constitution: Article X, Section 2)

Name Appointed By (yr. term ends - # of terms)
Ms. Susan Hovanec, Secretary District 1 2023-1
Vacancy District 2 2023-1
Mr. John Kearns District 3 2023-2
Mr. Derek Herrington, President District 4 2022-2
Mr. Jack Walsh District 6 2023-1
Ms. Winifred Sherman District 8 2022-2
Vacancy District 10 2023-1
Mr. Tom Hay Convention 2024-2
Mr. Alan Komm Convention 2023-1
Ms. Nicole DeLuca Bishop 2022-1
VACANT Bishop 2022-2

Diocesan Council

Purpose: The Diocesan Council shall act on behalf of the Convention when the Convention is not in session. In particular, it shall evaluate the policies, programs, and other activities of the Diocese, make recommendations to the Convention, and give general oversight to the work, mission, budget and human resources of the Diocese. The Council shall perform such other functions and tasks as the Convention may assign to it. (Diocesan Canon: Canon VI, Section 1)

District 1
The Rev. Glenn Crytzer (2022-1)
Ms. Judith Hall (2024-1)
LAY VACANCY (2023-1)
District 2
Mr. Kirk Haberman (2023-1)
The Rev. Dan. Marybeth Carey (2024-1)
LAY VACANCY (2022-1)
District 3
Mr. Tom Miller (2022-1)
Mr. Bill Klingensmith (2023-1)
The Rev. Colleen Klingensmith (2024-1)
District 4
The Rev. Doug Blakelock (2022-1)
Mrs. Mardiann Vincent (2023-1)
Ms. Holly Ruble (2024-1)
District 6
Dr. Leslie Thyberg (2022-1)
The Rev. Jonathan Millard (2023-1)
Ms. Stacey Regan (2024-1)
District 8
Mr. Dan Oliver (2022-2)
Deacon Carolyn Nunnaly (2023-1)
Mr. Gary Bookhammer (2024-2)
District 9
The Rev. Michael McGhee (2022-1)
The Rev. Michael Arnold (2023-1)
Mr. Mark Frost (2024-1)
District 10
The Rev. Regis Turocy (2022-1)
The Rev. Keith Almond (2023-1)
The Rev. Eric Rodes (2024-2)
Ex-Officio Council Members
The Rt. Rev. Alex Cameron Bishop
The Rev. Elaine Storm Standing Committee, President
Ms. Delia Bowers Bianchin Chancellor
Mr. Derek Herrington Board of Trustees President
Mrs. Sarah Kwolek Director of Administration

The Array

Purpose: If any charges are brought against any member of the Clergy of the Diocese the Array of the Diocese shall serve as the “ecclesiastical Trial Court.”

Name Yr. Term Ends
The Rev. John Bailey (2nd term) 2022
The Rev. Eric Rodes (1st term) 2022
Mr. Doug Wicker (1st term) 2022
Ms. Marilyn Knotts (1st term) 2023
Mr. Wallace Scott (1st term) 2023
The Rev. Andrew DeFusco (1st term) 2023
Clergy vacancy


Ms. Millicent Smith (1st term) 2024
The Rev. Bryan Jarrell (2nd term) 2024