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A New Way to do Convention

gathering workshop

Every year on the first weekend of November, certain members of the diocese gather together to conduct business required by the constitution and canons. This business meeting is called "Convention," and about 175 people, clergy and laity are "delegates" who attend.

GAFCON Update from Bishop Jim: Final Reflections


After a few days of recovery and reflection, here are some final thoughts about GAFCON 2018 in Jerusalem.

1. From the overall experience (worship, teaching, fellowship, networking, etc.), I believe that Gafcon is a vibrant, global missional movement. To see African, Asian, and Latin American leadership was thrilling. Colonialism is over and the fruit of sacrificial mission work has fully matured, producing more sacrificial mission. Awe-inspiring! God is using the crisis in the Anglican Communion to forge a missional movement led by the Global South.

GAFCON Update from Bishop Jim: Resurrection and Evangelism


Dear Co-heirs with Christ,

On this day at GAFCON we reflected on the biblical story of Jesus’ resurrection. While it is easy for its wonder to dissipate, the fact of the resurrection is a startling reality. Jesus actually rose from the dead and promised that we would join Him in His victory over death. Therefore, we should be the most joyful, most unflappable, most hopeful people in the world; not even death can beat us. Check out the GAFCON website to hear Bishop Tito Zavala, who is known by many in Pittsburgh, open the Scriptures (

GAFCON Update from Bishop Jim: Who's Here

GAFCON 2018 auditorium

Dear Friends,

During the second day of GAFCON 2018, we continued to worship the Lord enthusiastically under the leadership of a Nigerian choir. We walked carefully through the trial and death of Jesus in our Bible exposition, seeing in them the heart of the Gospel, Jesus substitution for us. And, in our final morning session, we saw clearly God’s love for the Church and its mission in the world. Woven between the plenary presentations were opportunities to meet new friends from around the world and to rekindle old acquaintances.

New Developments Coming to Diocesan Staff Structure

Organizational structure

Dear Members of the Diocese,

After 2 years of observing, listening, praying and testing lots of hypothesis, I'm making some changes to the Diocesan Staff that I believe will allow us to better serve the clergy and congregations of the Diocese.

Congregations (and even small groups within congregations) have 6 basic ministry dynamics: worship/prayer, evangelism/mission, discipleship, pastoral/mutual care, communication, and administration. Therefore, I am structuring diocesan staffing around these 6 ministry dynamics. 

The Invitation of the Ascension


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The Reformers consistently emphasized the biblical teaching that Christ’s work on the Cross is complete. We can add nothing to what He accomplished through His sacrifice of Himself on our behalf. As we say in our liturgy, “He made there, by his one oblation of himself once offered, a full, perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, oblation, and satisfaction, for the sins of the whole world.” This emphasis on the finished work of Christ on the Cross has led some to think mistakenly that Christ’s work is finished altogether.