Diocesan Governance

This page contains documents and links that will help you learn and understand our governance, arranged alphabetically by title. If you have any other questions about diocesan governance, please contact us at the office.

  • 153rd Convention Journal (2018)

    The convention journal includes a record of the proceedings and results of the annual 153rd Convention of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh held November 2-3, 2018. The journal includes: lists of members of the diocesan staff and governing bodies, unapproved convention minutes, 2019 budget, 2018 ordinations and letters dimmissory, recent audit report. For printed copies, please contact the Diocesan Office.

    File: 153rd convention journal.pdf

  • 2020 Diocesan Budget

    This budget for CY 2020 is excerpted from the pre-convention journal. It was approved by convention on Saturday, November 2, 2019. 

    File: 2019-2020-diocesan budget.pdf

  • Child Abuse Prevention Policies and Procedures

    Policies regarding the prevention of sexual misconduct and child abuse by clergy, employees and volunteers in the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh and the investigation and prosecution of allegations and incidents.

    *Resource title updated on 8/30/19

    File: Policies and Procedures 2015.pdf

  • Constitution and Canons

    The Constitution and Canons provide the governing structure, rules and regulations of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. This is the latest version adopted by Convention in November 2019.

    File: Constitution & Canons_November 2019.pdf

  • Diocesan Leadership Bodies

    The Diocese has 3 governing bodies (in no particular order): Board of Trustees, Standing Committee & Diocesan Council. This link will show the current membership of each body. 

    Link: https://www.pitanglican.org/about-us/leadership-bodies