Announcing Canon Don Bushyager, Canon to the Ordinary

Announcing Canon Don Bushyager, Canon to the Ordinary

Reorganization announcement

As announced last month, Bishop Jim Hobby is implementing some changes to the Diocesan Staff that he believes will allow us to better serve the clergy and congregations of the diocese.

It is with joy, we announce Fr. Don Bushyager will assume the title of Canon to the Ordinary. This is a new/renewed position in our diocese. Canon Don will be increasing his responsibilities within his current hours and position as Director of Administration - a little like the feeding of the 5,000! As Canon to the Ordinary, his primary responsibilities will be: 

  • Assist the Bishop in the development and implementation of the Diocesan Strategic Plan
  • Assist the Bishop in providing support and accountability for the other Senior Staff
  • Assist the Bishop in clergy deployment
  • Act as the Bishop's liason (when needed) to:
    • The Diocesan Council and Board of Trustees
    • The Provincial Office and the Archbishop's Staff
    • Exumenical gatherings

Canon Don has been on the diocesan staff for 5 1/2 years as Director of Administration and Finance and has been ordained as a priest for 13 years. He previously served as Associate Rector at Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church in Canonsburg, PA. 

Please join us in congragulating Canon Don and praying for blessing in his new position!