New Developments Coming to Diocesan Staff Structure

New Developments Coming to Diocesan Staff Structure

Organizational structure

Dear Members of the Diocese,

After 2 years of observing, listening, praying and testing lots of hypothesis, I'm making some changes to the Diocesan Staff that I believe will allow us to better serve the clergy and congregations of the Diocese.

Congregations (and even small groups within congregations) have 6 basic ministry dynamics: worship/prayer, evangelism/mission, discipleship, pastoral/mutual care, communication, and administration. Therefore, I am structuring diocesan staffing around these 6 ministry dynamics. 

The purpose of the Diocesan Staff is to help clergy and congregations thrive. We will focus our support through 4 basic activities (which may be done formally or informally, 1-on-1 or in groups of varying sizes):

  1. Teaching and vision-casting: laying a strong theological and principle-based foundation for the various aspects of parochial ministry.
  2. Helping clergy and congregations discover ministry resources.
  3. Training clergy and ministry leaders.
  4. Providing networking events for clergy and ministry leaders.

Over the coming weeks and months, I'll be announcing and rolling out a new structure and positions that reflect these dyanmics and purposes. 

With deep affection and excitement about what the Lord has in store,
Your partner in the Gospel,

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Bishop Jim Hobby