Summer Leadership Program for College Students

Summer Leadership Program for College Students

2021 Josiah Project Beckons

College students who stay in Christian Leadership?

Launched in 1990, Rock the World’s Josiah Project has inspired more than 80% of its graduates to continue in Christian leadership — for decades.

Rock the World offers this Ambridge-based two summer program to collegians who are serious about following Jesus and extending God's Kingdom. The 11-week intensive summer program features learning and serving, offers $3,000 academic scholarships for tuition and books, and an opportunity to launch ministry initiatives in their Second Summer.

The essence of the Josiah Project lies in training and hands-on experience in youth ministry, urban outreach, cross-cultural missions, and dynamic community with their teammates. Participants learn from experienced missionaries, professors, professionals and experts in these fields and other leadership issues.

“College students are uniquely positioned to influence the world for Jesus—not only during Josiah Project, but for years to come,” notes Rock the World Executive Director and Founder The Rev. Whis Hays. “I am inspired by their courage and ingenuity in reaching others with Jesus.”

To apply or nominate a candidate for 2021, find out more at Or take a look at the trailer length intro video.

Application Deadline: April 20th

Summer dates: June 11 - August 17