GAFCON Update from Bishop Jim: Who's Here

GAFCON Update from Bishop Jim: Who's Here

GAFCON 2018 auditorium

Dear Friends,

During the second day of GAFCON 2018, we continued to worship the Lord enthusiastically under the leadership of a Nigerian choir. We walked carefully through the trial and death of Jesus in our Bible exposition, seeing in them the heart of the Gospel, Jesus substitution for us. And, in our final morning session, we saw clearly God’s love for the Church and its mission in the world. Woven between the plenary presentations were opportunities to meet new friends from around the world and to rekindle old acquaintances.

One observation from day 2: the participants in GAFCON have a wide variety of relationships with their provinces and the Anglican Communion. Some participants are in provinces that as a whole are deeply rooted in GAFCON (such as Nigeria, Uganda, and the ACNA). Other participants come from dioceses that are fully engaged with GAFCON while being in provinces that are neutral or hostile to the GAFCON movement. Finally, some participants are from parishes whose dioceses and provinces are walking alongside the Episcopal Church, the Church of Canada and the Church of Scotland. GAFCON, therefore, isn’t a monolithic organization. It really is a movement providing support for people, parishes, dioceses, and provinces who want to proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations.


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Bishop Jim Hobby