GAFCON Update from Bishop Jim: Resurrection and Evangelism

GAFCON Update from Bishop Jim: Resurrection and Evangelism

Dear Co-heirs with Christ,

On this day at GAFCON we reflected on the biblical story of Jesus’ resurrection. While it is easy for its wonder to dissipate, the fact of the resurrection is a startling reality. Jesus actually rose from the dead and promised that we would join Him in His victory over death. Therefore, we should be the most joyful, most unflappable, most hopeful people in the world; not even death can beat us. Check out the GAFCON website to hear Bishop Tito Zavala, who is known by many in Pittsburgh, open the Scriptures (

We also heard about the current status of world evangelization. The good news: there are more followers of Jesus in the world today than ever before. The bad news: 55,000 more people are being born every day than the Church is bringing to Christ daily. So, we are falling behind. The other good news: God is raising up a global mission force from the nations to go to the nations, especially to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Chinese peoples. What a privilege we have to work with brothers and sisters from around the world to bring the Good News to the ends of the earth (including the end of the earth we call “Pittsburgh”).

Finally, participants at GAFCON are meeting to imagine how we can develop global partnerships and networks that will allow us more effectively to share in common mission. This could be the most exciting development of this gathering! As the Lord shows us how to yoke our strengths and resources and how to pull in the same direction towards common goals, what we can accomplish together in His power is beyond our imagination.

Thank you again for the privilege of representing you here. May the Lord bear remarkable kingdom fruit from this gathering.

With you on mission,

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Bishop Jim Hobby