Spiritual Director List

The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh maintains a list of spiritual directors and discipleship mentors for the use of the diocese. Please review our qualifications at your convenience. Everyone listed in this directory has been reviewed for these qualifications. Beyond this review, the diocese can make no guarantee regarding the quality of each person’s direction nor provide guidance as to the “fit” between a director/discipler and an individual seeking assistance. It is recommended that you contact directly the person you are interested in working with and have a preliminary conversation to discern together whether it would be a good choice for the two of you.

Name Phone Email Address Able to meet electronically
Ann Paton 724-843-7542 apaton@geneva.edu No address given.
Belinda Kent 412-863-3740 belindaekent@gmail.com No address given.
Connie Hughes 412-638-7181 hughes.connie@me.com No address given.
Dennett Buettner 412-735-5094 dbuettner@cotsambridge.org

Church of the Savior
420 Maplewood Avenue
Ambridge, PA 15003
United States

Donna Koller 724-852-2133 servantsongretreats@yahoo.com No address given.
Hannah Halfhill 501-366-3484 hhalfhill@gmail.com No address given.
Jeanne Kohn 412-735-8485 jeanne.kohn@ascensionpittsburgh.org No address given.
Lynn Schrott 412-400-3702 lynnschrott@gmail.com No address given.
Mark Brown 703-254-8970 padrebrown94@gmail.com No address given.
Robin Capcara 412-389-7924 robin.capcara@gmail.com

Pittsburgh, PA
United States

Ruth Correll 716-326-7845 ruthcorrell@verizon.net No address given.
Sam Jampetro 412-302-1899 sam.jampetro@charis247.org No address given.