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2020-09-29 COVID-19 Guidelines for In-Person Indoor Gatherings

While we recognize that many parishes have already addressed most of the issues raised in these guidelines, during the past few months the Diocesan office has received a number of inquiries, and we believed it might be helpful to organize our guidance in one document. Note that these guidelines are subject to change as we learn more about COVID-19, so please stay abreast of CDC and Department of Health guidelines.

COVID-19 Guidelines.pdf
2020-09-01 2020-21 Clergy Compensation Guide

The Clergy Compensation Guide, excerpted from the pre-convention journal, lays out guiding principles and numerical guidelines to help congregations budget clergy salaries appropriately.

The guide includes information on: Cash compensation, Required Benefits, Additional Benefits, Advocacy during negotiations, Clergy supply guidelines, Clergy housing allowance and a mileage report template.

If any vestry or congregation has questions about clergy compensation not covered in this document, you're welcome to contact the Diocesan office. 

2020-21 clergy compensation guide.pdf
2020-08-31 Bishop Visitation Documents

These forms are to be read and filled-out out by the Rector or Priest-in-Charge and sent to the Bishop's office in advance of the Bishop's annual Episcopal visit. 

2020-21 Visitation Calendar 25 August 2020.pdf , Visitation Letter. Hobby 2020-07-30.pdf , VisitationForm2020 - COVID VERSION.docx , Congregational Leadership Questions. For Clergy and Lay Leaders.docx , Questions for Personal Reflection.Rector.docx
2020-07-06 Clergy Supply List

If your congregation is looking for a priest to fill-in for an upcoming service, here is the list of clergy in the diocese who are ready to answer that call. Updated as of 7/7/2020.

2020 Supply List-7.6.20.pdf
2018-12-03 Anglican Global Mission Partners Mission Match

Anglican Global Mission Partners has created a searchable database of domestic and international mission opportunities covering a wide variety of options on their website. 

Please click on resource title for external link.
2018-06-20 Model Bylaws

Parishes are welcome to use this template as they work on their bylaws.

2018-06-20 Articles of Incorporation Instructions & Forms

Form to register as a non-profit in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.