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2020-09-01 2020-21 Clergy Compensation Guide

The Clergy Compensation Guide, excerpted from the pre-convention journal, lays out guiding principles and numerical guidelines to help congregations budget clergy salaries appropriately.

The guide includes information on: Cash compensation, Required Benefits, Additional Benefits, Advocacy during negotiations, Clergy supply guidelines, Clergy housing allowance and a mileage report template.

If any vestry or congregation has questions about clergy compensation not covered in this document, you're welcome to contact the Diocesan office. 

2020-21 clergy compensation guide.pdf
2020-08-31 Bishop Visitation Documents

These forms are to be read and filled-out out by the Rector or Priest-in-Charge and sent to the Bishop's office in advance of the Bishop's annual Episcopal visit. 

2020-21 Visitation Calendar 25 August 2020.pdf , Visitation Letter. Hobby 2020-07-30.pdf , VisitationForm2020 - COVID VERSION.docx , Congregational Leadership Questions. For Clergy and Lay Leaders.docx , Questions for Personal Reflection.Rector.docx
2020-07-06 Clergy Supply List

If your congregation is looking for a priest to fill-in for an upcoming service, here is the list of clergy in the diocese who are ready to answer that call. Updated as of 7/7/2020.

2020 Supply List-7.6.20.pdf
2018-12-03 Anglican Global Mission Partners Mission Match

Anglican Global Mission Partners has created a searchable database of domestic and international mission opportunities covering a wide variety of options on their website. 

Please click on resource title for external link.
2018-06-20 Model Bylaws

Parishes are welcome to use this template as they work on their bylaws.

2018-06-20 Articles of Incorporation Instructions & Forms

Form to register as a non-profit in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.