Ordination Materials

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We are in the process of re-vamping our ordination materials to reflect a new, streamlined process. Please stay tuned for new resources. If there is anything you need in the meantime, please contact the Bishop's Executive Assistant.

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2020-02-26 Confirmation of Spiritual Direction

This form, required for both postulancy and candidacy interviews, is to be completed by the Spiritual Director. It is to certify the duration and frequency of the person’s consultations only: it is not a character reference.

Confirmation of Spiritual Direction Form.docx
2020-02-26 Medical Examination Form for the Ordination Process

To be completed by the applicant and a licensed health care provider.

Medical Examination Form.docx
2020-02-28 Mental Health Evaluation for the Ordination Process Authorization

Form authorizing the doctor performing the mental health evaluation to release records and information to the Bishop's office.

Psychological Evaluation for the Ordination Process Authorization to Release Information.docx
2020-02-26 Waiver of Rights

Form for postulancy candidates to fill out to agree to the assessment that's part of the ordination process.

Waiver of Rights, Release of Claims and Indemnity, and Hold Harmless Agreement.docx