Nominations Open for 2020 Diocesan-wide Elections

Nominations Open for 2020 Diocesan-wide Elections

It is time to determine the nominations to fill several vacant positions on our Diocesan governing boards and committees. The open positions are listed below. Multiple candidates for each position are most welcome.

To nominate an individual for one of the positions listed below please send an email to Tim Moore (tmoore[@]  Before you nominate, please make sure that he or she will serve if elected and provide their contact information for the committee. We will contact these nominations to assure their interest in serving in that capacity.  The nomination deadline is August 31, 2020.

-Tim Moore
Vice President, Diocesan Council

2020 Elections at Convention

Board of Trustees – 1 Lay (no incumbent)

The Board of Trustees is responsible to receive and, maintain and distribute the property (real and fiscal) of the diocese to include but not limited to the Growth Fund and the Archbishop Duncan Legacy Fund.

Committee on Canons – 1 Lay and 1 Clergy (no incumbents)

The Committee on Canons shall review the Constitution and Canons annually and at the direction of the Bishop recommend to the Diocesan Convention changes to the same as are deemed appropriate.

Standing Committee – 1 Lay and 1 Clergy (no incumbents)

The Standing Committee shall be the council of advice to the Bishop. It shall review and approve the Articles of Association, Charter and by-laws or any changes to them for all congregations in union with or requesting to be in union with the diocese. The Standing Committee shall fill all vacancies that may occur during the recess of the Convention, in their own body, or in any Committee appointed to sit during the recess of the Convention, and also in such offices as are held by annual election.

The Array – 2 Clergy (no incumbents)

The Array of the Diocese shall serve as the Ecclesiastical Trial Court of the Diocese to hear charges brought against a priest or deacon of the diocese and advise the Bishop on the matter.

Growth Fund Committee – 1 Lay or Clergy (incumbent – Allison Kennedy)

The Diocesan Growth Fund Committee shall receive applications for grant and loans from congregations and recommend to the Board of Trustees to approval or rejection of such requests.

All nominations should be sent to Tim Moore, Vice President of Diocesan Council (tmoore[@] Thank you for participating in the life of the Diocese!