January/February Updates from Standing Committee

January/February Updates from Standing Committee

This is the first of what we intend to be monthly communications from Standing Committee in which we will provide updates on the Standing Committee’s work during this season in our Diocese. The Standing Committee meets four days a week by Zoom, and subcommittees work daily on various initiative and matter important to our Diocese. The Standing Committee welcomes questions about its work during this season, about our collective ministry, or about other questions about the ongoing mission of our Diocese.

Bishop Search Committee

The Standing Committee is working with the Executive Committee of Diocesan Council to form the Bishop Search Committee which lead the search for our next Bishop. The Diocesan Council’s Executive Committee was approved by Council at its January meeting. Its members are Mr. Tim Moore (President, Diocesan Council), The Rev. John Bailey, The Rev. Cn. Jonathan Millard, Dr. Leslie Thyberg, and The Rev. Eric Rodes.

We will announce the members of the Search Committee once it is formed, and thereafter provide updates on the search process.

Rector’s Search

Six of our churches are now in the process of searching for a new Rector. Bishop Minns and Standing Committee member, Mr. Wicks Stephens are working together on a Rector’s Search Policy, which has been updated and posted on the website. Wicks can be reached at wicksstephens@comcast.net.

Pastoral Leadership

Bishop Martyn Minns has been serving our Diocese, since November providing pastoral care to our clergy and to the Diocese, and his perspective is invaluable. He brings leadership and wisdom to the Standing Committee and attends each of our daily Zoom calls. His weekly pastoral letters can be read here. +Martyn is gathering with clergy by Zoom. It has been a joy for him to hear how churches are creatively reaching out to their neighbors during a global pandemic. Bishop Martyn can be reached at bishopminns@pitanglican.org.