155th Diocesan Convention 2020

155th Diocesan Convention 2020

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Election Results

You are welcome to see who has been appointed to positions in our Diocesan Governance on our Leadership Bodies page. All the new terms started January 1, 2021.

Budget Results

The next step in our annual budgeting process is for the Convention-approved budget to be sent to Diocesan Council for final revision. If modifications need to be made, primarily as a result of congregational Godly Share updates, Council will make the appropriate revisions and approve. The final budget will be posted to the website after final Council approval.

Pre-Convention Journal

The Pre-Convention Journal is available in digital form below. Printed copies can be requested through the Diocesan Office.

Download 2020 Pre-Convention Journal

Download 2020 Voter's Guide

Download 2021 Draft Budget

Using Zoom for Convention

We have compiled this comprehensive resource on using Zoom for convention. Congregations are welcome to reference or download this if it is helpful for other congregational meetings.