Registration: Engage Training Workshop January 28

Registration: Engage Training Workshop January 28

younganglicansproject.pngThe next Engage training will be held at Christ Church Fox Chapel, on January 28th from 9am-4pm. The Engage program has proven to be an effective means of discipling young people in both small and large churches. Young people are being cared for, they are being encouraged to become leaders, they are learning the Scriptures and they are drawing closer to God through this simple method of "talk, study, pray."

The training will prepare attendees to meet with a young person or a small group of young people. They will be given tools, time to make a plan, and instructions on how to follow all the legal and Diocesan rules for meeting with a teen.

There are young people all around us who are trying to figure out who they are and who their people are. Let’s help them find the real answers to those questions, by engaging them in the Word of the One, True and Living God. Anyone interested in doing a bible study with a young person is welcome. This is a great training for parents who want to study the Bible with their kids!


Register here. The cost is $20 (includes lunch, please bring payment to the workshop if attending). For any further questions, please contact the Rev. Tracey Russell