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New Social Media Platforms

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and More!

Tim McLaughlin is a distinguished member of the Board of Trustees of our Diocese. He is also the President and Co-Owner of 321Blink, an innovative Pittsburgh-based company that specializes in social media, web development, video and branding. Tim heads a team of creative Pittsburgh-based professionals who are passionate about helping local businesses and major corporations compete successfully in this rapidly-changing world.

Here’s the good news: Tim is also passionate about serving Jesus. He and his family worship at Christ Church Fox Chapel. He is offering his skills and talents to develop a social media plan for bringing the Archbishop Duncan Legacy Fund to the teens and adults who use Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. Tim and his team harness traditional media and also work in contemporary media (web and social media) to share information and provide support. Tim reminds us that our entire web presence needs to be enticing and constantly updated to be an effective tool for evangelism and hospitality.

We understand that these tools, when used in an appropriate way, can reach new audiences with the gospel. We are grateful for his patience with us and for his teaching and training. Watch for a video by Archbishop Duncan on our website and look at the following social platforms to learn more about the Archbishop Duncan Legacy Fund:

Facebook - Facebook.com/anglicandioceseofpittsburgh
Twitter – Twitter.com/PittAnglicans Follow @ PittAnglicans
LinkedIn - Linkedin.com/company/anglican-diocese-of-pittsburgh
Instagram – Instagram.com/pittanglicans Follow @PittAnglicans
SnapChat – Coming Soon!

Our newly-formed Timothy Collaborative in the Diocese consists of young adults who will be in the forefront of using these platforms to reach others. We thank them for their good work.
Our goal is to reach teenagers, young adults and other Christians in innovative ways that we have not previously used. In addition to publicizing the Legacy Fund, we will be enabled to use these social platforms well into the future to reach our younger constituents.

Thank you, Tim McLaughlin and your team at 321Blink. God is using you in powerful ways for His honor and glory!

The Archbishop Duncan Legacy Fund will have a strong presence for teens and adults who use Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other forms of social media!

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