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Slate of Nominees for Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh


Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh
Nova Tower 1, One Allegheny Square, Suite 650, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
www.pitanglican.org · Tel. (412) 281-6131

                                                        The Standing Committee 2016
The Rev Paul Cooper, President                                                        Mr Doug Wicker, Secretary
The Rev John Fierro                                                                          Mrs Ann Steenkiste
The Rev Karen Stevenson                                                                 Mr Todd Wahrenberger
The Rev John Paul Chaney (Recused)                                              Mrs Heather Strong Moore


Monday, March 7, AD2016

Slate of Nominees
The Standing Committee is pleased to announce that the following people have been formally nominated to stand for election as the Next Bishop of Pittsburgh at the Special Convention on April 22-23, AD2016 at St Stephen’s Church, Sewickley.

We ask everyone to pray for these nominees and to pray for our diocese. The Nominees are now in the process of producing written materials. We pray that the Holy Spirit will assist the Nominees as they answer questions about themselves and their ministry experience. Standardized, written materials will be published shortly after Easter (March 27, 2016). In the meantime, we ask everyone to recall the theme of our discernment process: Prayer, not politics; discernment, not a search.

These nominations are the result of a de-centralized discernment process that involved all clergy and lay deputies in seven local districts and one combined non-SWPA district. Each district nominated three names to stand for election. More background information about the process is available here.

Nominees for election

Ashey, The Rev Canon Phil, CEO
American Anglican Council, Atlanta, GA

Chaney, The Rev John Paul, Rector
Seeds of Hope, Bloomfield (Pittsburgh), PA

Donison, The Rev Canon Paul, Rector
St Peter & St Paul, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Driscoll, The Rev Bill, Rector
Church of the Redeemer, Jacksonville, FL

Edgar, The Very Rev Chip, Dean
Church of the Apostles, Columbia, SC (PEARUSA)

Gabig, The Rev Jack PhD, Associate Prof
Nashotah House Seminary, Nashotah, WI

Hobby, The Rev Jim, Rector
Trinity, Thomasville, GA

Lumanog, The Venerable Canon Jack, Canon to the
Archbishop and Primate & COO, ACNA

Nominated but not willing to stand for election

Allert, The Rev David, Rector
Christ the King, St Augustine, FL

Dominguez, The Rev Patrick, Senior Pastor
Church of the Apostles, Raleigh, NC (PEARUSA)

Yates, The Rev John III, Rector
Holy Trinity, Raleigh, NC

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