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After the Earth Quake- the Land Belongs to God!

The following is from Father George Pierce, a retired priest of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh and missionary to Nepal. 


After the Earth Quake- the Land Belongs to God! 

   We were talking with Ray Hickman, who had just preached the sermon at our Spiritual Transformation Church (Romans 12:2), and with Carol Hickman, his wife.

   Then it hit! We were rocked for 20 seconds and I was thrust to my knees with my hands clasped before me on a small table. How could I not pray? I prayed that no one in our place that day would be hurt and no one was. And I prayed for all the people of Nepal, especially the isolated villages.

   We joined the community in a flat area beyond the buildings. We watched things trembling on the tops of the buildings. That night the cold rain came. We had tarps, but the night got colder. Then the tremors came, several very gentle and one more powerful, and still on the third day, more after shocks.

The earthquake was 7.9, then came 7.4 and then came 5.4 and 6.7 with over a hundred tremors, and after that a hundred more. The Indian continental plate is sliding under the Asian, and the Himalaya mountains are now several meters higher.

   Over 2,500 have died in Kathmandu and how many in villages will not be known for awhile. Over 6,000 are in hospitalized. Many are living under tents. Many more do not have tarps. Many have no homes to go back to. One man said, “I worked all my life to build my house and now everything is gone. The land belongs to God.”

   My students, their members, and our own need help to help people rebuild. To help send funds to:

Global Teams
Nepali earthquake

After Six Hard Years- Seven Are Ordained!

   Six were Nepali, one for each year I have been here. The Lord planned that this ordination would include a dalit, a woman, two Tharus, one Tamang, and one Newar. The seventh was missionary Peter Newton, who made an American. Our preacher, Timothy Aryal, realized this diversity and preached a powerful sermon challenging each to go after their own group as well as others.

   The certificate read that they were ordained for “The Christian Fellowship of the Church in Nepal.” Anglican Bishop Joseph Lee came from Korea, fulfilling the promise he made to me after we worked together in Lanzhou, China, seven years ago. I did not want to start another denomination in Nepal. The idea of our “Christian Fellowship” is that we are looking forward to the day when all the Christians in Nepal of whatever denomination will join in forming the united Church of Nepal.

   The seven ordinands were clothed in white albs and given red stoles and Nepali Bibles, made by our Global Teams member, Sarita Lama, only $30 each.

   Naturally I am particularly proud of my two godsons, Mahendra, who was ordained a priest, and Dipendra, who was ordained a deacon. And little Daisy, 14 months now, was there to cheer them on.

What would happen if Mahendra and I took a trip to America? 

   We need to raise some money. I will be 84 in September and I realize I would probably be able to do this only once. We tried once before and Mahendra was turned down for a visa, but we think we could get one for him now. I would like to visit our Global Teams office in Bakersfield and sister-in-law Rui in San Francisco. I would like to visit St. Dunstan’s Church in Florida, where I am still listed as an Associate priest. I would like to visit Pittsburgh, where I was before I retired. I would like to visit Gethsemane Cathedral in Fargo, North Dakota, where I am an honorary canon missioner and where I grew up. Perhaps I could go to South Dakota to visit my dear friends on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. And then Colorado where I also have dear friends. If I could do half of those things, I would have accomplished a lot!

   We need each place to give us the airfare to travel from the last place to their place. And then, of course, the opportunity to tell our story to others.

   I have two reasons in going to America. The first is to raise support for the missionary work here. The second is to introduce Mahendra, who one day will be falling heir to my work. I am not asking money for myself. My church pension together with the very favorable exchange rate make it possible for me to take care of my needs and support my educational mission here and in Chitwan. The help I need is for my students, who travel to remote areas of Nepal to minister to the isolated pastors to give them training, to encourage them and to continue the work of evangelization. After the earthquake, this help is needed more than ever.

   We also need money for our airfare to come to America. Donations can be sent to:

Global Teams
Bring Fr. George and Mahendra


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